Laboratory assignments

Laboratory assignments will be done most weeks. They will consist of designing, testing, building, and simulating circuits. Most of lab directions will be brief. It is expected at this level that students should be able to determine appropriate design, testing, and procedures.

Laboratory assignments must contain the following sections.• Introduction: A brief introduction of what the goal of the experiment, the design, and the testing results.• Theory: Detailed information regarding the experiment’s theoretical background. At a minimum a circuit diagram should be included with an explanation of how the circuit works, theory of the modulation technique being used, and any necessary computations (There my not be any computations).• Simulations: When appropriate, a simulation of the circuit should be done with a extensive discussion on it. I will let you know whether a simulation is needed or not.•

Testing and Measurements: The circuit should be built and tested. I will not tell you what measurements you need to do. A detailed analysis of the measurements must be included• Summary: Summarize the findings of your design.• Images from Cadence/Orcador the Oscilloscope must be printed out and taped in your laboratory notebook.• All procedures, calculations, equipment used, and components used should be clearly stated in the report.• Your name should appear on each page in the top right•• Work must be clear and well ordered.• If a mistake is made DO NOT ERASE IT. Put a single strike-through on the work and initial it.• Tables and Figures need labels and should be referenced.• Staple all of the pages in order before submitting a the lab.Lab 1 : Active Fillers Lab Generation The purpose of the lab Is to study active liters Students are required to research . `sign Simulate . build andlost second order killers

Lab Requirements *1. Dusan & and andur law pass Hiker with unity gain and a cutall frequency at approximately 150 KHE`2. Anakin a End ander high pass Hifor with unity gain and a cutall Iraqwinner Of approximately 5 kile 3. Cascade the High and law pass filter to create a bandpass litter.

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