Land rights

Our team has been given the land rights to an abandoned parcel of land. The land has some unknown contamination; it has been stripped of natural vegetation, soil erosion has occurred, and a stream on the property is polluted. You have decided to turn this land into a sustainable agricultural food supply.Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Sustainable Agriculture Project Proposal TemplateDesign solutions to develop the land. Provide a development plan to bring this land up to agricultural standards.Write a proposal to the city that describes the step-by-step plan your team intends to implement. Record your ideas on the University of Phoenix Material: Sustainable Agriculture Project Proposal Template.Explain the following in the proposal:The importance–both locally and globally–of having a sustainable food supply The major threats to this land’s sustainability The characteristics that will enable your land to provide a long-term sustainable food supply The steps your team will take to develop these characteristics Ways this land will benefit the city economically and environmentally The timeline of your planFormat your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

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