Land-use planners

IntroductionLand-Use Planners, Environmentalists, National Security Professionals, Law-Enforcement, Academics, and Goverment Leaders all want to make accurate predictions about the future needs, challenges, and general nature of the United States. The Forrester-Meadows Model provides a useful applied tool that can be used to make such predictions. InstructionsUsing the Forrester-Meadows Model Project as a model, what will happen in the USA if current, economic, demographic, and resource utilization trends continue into the future?Include the following variables in your analytical model:populationpollutionnatural resources per-capita industrial output per-capital food availability Prepare and explain first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh run graphic projections. Include the assumptions upon which you base your response. Write a one-paper (single-spaced text using 12-point Times New Roman font with one inch margins). You must have a title and your name on the paper. You must also add this the file name to upload your file. Review the rubric below to fully understand the criteria on which your essay will be graded.

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