Landlord-tenant relationship

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The traditional common law concept of the landlord-tenant relationship was that the landlord’s obligation was simply to stay off the property and the tenant’s obligation was to pay rent. The expectations for this relationship have changed markedly over the years. In your first post answer the following questions:

What additional expenses do tenants in rental homes and apartment buildings now expect the owner/landlord to pay?
Is there any agency conflict between the tenant and landlord?

Has the change in this relationship increased or decreased this agency conflict?

In your opinion has this change increased or decreased the cost of housing for renters/tenants?

It is important to realize that many of the cultural/governmental norms we experience here in Georgia are not consistent worldwide. Read the articles on “As Venice Housing…” and “China’s Backdoor…” in the “Module 1: Foundations” folder.

1. Explain the key issues related to the housing issues in the Venice article. (Specifically, who benefits and who pays)

2. Explain the key issues related to housing in the China article. (Specifically, who benefits and who pays)

3. Would these strategies work here in Columbus if we had one of these price issues (one location has run-away prices; the other has declining)?

Zoning is a significant source of controversy for many cities (see the “Save Hilton” movement here in Columbus). Answer the following in your first discussion post:

In finance, we typically think of restrictions as removing value from some type of investment (i.e. see restrictions on stock), but zoning is often thought of as adding value. Give two examples of how zoning could add value to a property or area.

Houston, Texas, is notable for having no zoning regulation. While there are many arguments against this approach, what are (or what have been) the advantages to a lack of a zoning ordinance?

What role does zoning play in limiting negative externalities?

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