Law enforcement ethics

1. Readings(a)    TEXT Book online: Law Enforcement Ethics, Chapter 2, 3, &15 Here is the link:    Review Title 32, U.S.C., Section 12601 at Weekly Student Posting ForumIn approximately 700 words (at a minimum), single space and 2 pages, create and post your response to the following questions:(1) What unique ethical challenges, if any, are faced by law enforcement “superagencies?”(2) What do you believe are the key challenges and/or effective strategies for recruiting ethical people to work in law enforcement? (3) Describe the importance of the link between law enforcement training and ethical behaviors? (4) What are some of the best practices or industry standards on the topics you are auditing (Research paper)(5) What are some of the possible training or policy recommendations that you identified in your audit (Research Paper)?

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