Law of Financial Crimes

This course aims to introduce learners to knowledge, ability and critical understanding of compliance requirements in the financial services and market, fraud, corruption, money laundering, terrorism, and theft laws. Scenario Learners may use their own employment context to write an assignment based on assessment tasks. Assessment tasks are learning outcomes of the unit associated with Assessment Criteria. You are required to generate sufficient evidence on assessment criteria to meet learning outcomes of the unit within the rules, regulations and standards to achieve credits of the unit. Consider you are in the financial crimes unit/department in the company as a legal compliance consultant. You are writing a detailed report relating to the Laws relating to Financial Crimes based on the following tasks for the purpose of creating awareness in your company to meet its regulatory and legislative requirements especially how to identify, prevent and comply with applicable laws. You are allowed to use your own country laws relating to ‘tasks’ & can compare with the UK legislation. Your company will use your report for its monitoring, improvement & training purposes.

Task 1

Explicate concepts of insider dealing and market abuse that damage the interests of ordinary market participants and justify applicable legal regulations to deal with the financial crimes by meeting following Assessment Criteria (A.C). Guideline Minimum word count: 1000 words A.C. 1.1. Explain civil offence according to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and identify sources of law on insider dealing. A.C. 1.2. Compare the statutory frameworks and EC context on dealing with insider dealing and market abuse. A.C. 1.3. Analyse the general offences of financial crimes under Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, Fraud Act 2006 and Theft Act 1968. A.C. 1.4. Justify how the market abuse regulation sand powers of regulators act decisively against insider dealing and related financial frauds.

Task 2

Assess the money laundering regulations on businesses and its international dimensions by meeting following A.C. (Assessment Criteria) Guideline word count: 1000 words A.C. 2.1. Explain the purpose of money laundering regulations. A.C. 2.2. Evaluate the international dimensions of money laundering regulations. A.C. 2.3. Outline the background of proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and explain offences under its provisions. A.C. 2.4. Assess the consequences of money laundering on the society.

Task 3

Research and explain the nature of law on financial crime by meeting following A.C. (Assessment Criteria) Guideline word count: 1000 words A.C. 3.1. Explain historic and economic context of general provisions of law on money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption. A.C. 3.2. Identify the EC Market Abuse Directive to control market manipulation and abusive practices. A.C. 3.3. Explain the role of criminal law in supporting financial regulations in United Kingdom. A.C. 3.4. Critically analyse civil recovery in context of financial crimes Learners are required to complete all tasks. Assignment Guidelines All work must be submitted in a singavxle electronic document (.doc/.docx file).

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