Lawsuit for gender discrimination

LAW220 Week 4Question 1To succeed in a lawsuit for gender discrimination in the workplace, a plaintiff must show that gender was a determining factor in the employer’s action.TrueFalseQuestion 2The elements of negligence include intent.TrueFalseQuestion 3Bob owns twenty acres of land on the side of a mountain in Colorado. He files a suit against the Durango Flight School, claiming that its planes flying over his land violate his property rights. To succeed, his best argument isa.the flights are low and frequent, interfering with enjoyment of   his land.b.there are other routes the planes could take.c.the planes are effectively taking private property for private   use.d.the planes fly over more than twice a day.Question 4Without authorization, Omar downloads music into his computer’s random access memory, or RAM. This is most likelya.none of the choices.b.trademark infringement.c.patent infringement.d.copyright infringement.Question 5T.J. owns a Miata. T.J. can use the car or dispose of it as he wishes. When T.J. dies, the car will descend to his son. T.J. is an owner ina.fee simple.b.joint tenancy.c.tenancy in 6Salsa Caliente, Inc., employs three hundred workers at four locations in two states. Under federal law, Salsa must provide each employee, during any twelve-month period, family or medical leave limited duration.b.up to twelve weeks.c.up to twelve pay periods.d.up to twelve days.Question 7A constitution sets forth a government’sa.limits and powers.b.neither limits nor powers.c.powers, but not limits.d.limits, but not powers.Question 8Mena, a female, and Neil, a male, are employees of Operation Business Corporation. Mena regularly e-mails sexually explicit images to Neal via Operation’s network. Neil finds this offensive. This is most likelya.quid pro quo harassment.b.hostile work environment harassment.c.a constructive discharge.d.none of the choices.Question 9A rule issued by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limits the amount of carbon that can be emitted from a car’s exhaust system. California state law prescribes much higher limits. Under the supremacy clausea.both the rule and the law apply concurrently.b.California law takes precedence.c.the EPA rule takes precedence.d.both the rule and the law are invalid.Question 10Kevin is a judge hearing the case of Local Dispatch Co. v. National Transport Corp. Applying the relevant rule of law to the facts of the case requires Kevin to find previously decided cases that, in relation to the case under consideration, different as odds.c.exactly similar as possible.Question 11Kim operates Kim’s Fruits & Vegetables, a small market stocked entirely with produce grown on his adjacent farm. Under what clause of the Constitution can the federal government regulate Kim’s activities? What is Kim’s best argument against federal regulation of his farm and business? ETH301 Business and Society Week 4 QuestionsQUESTION 11. List and briefly describe (in your own words) the three main reasons for government regulation of businesses.QUESTION 21.   List and describe (in your own words) the six principles for organizations to  become an Employer of Choice.QUESTION 31.   List and describe (in your own words) three of the crucial keys to development  of an effective ethics program.QUESTION 41.   List and explain (in your own words) the benefits of government regulation of  business.QUESTION 51.   List the six rights of the consumer and explain (in your own words) why each  one is important.QUESTION 61.   Explain why you think consumer protection laws are effective or ineffective.QUESTION 71.   Explain social responsibility in your own words.QUESTION 81.   Describe (in your own words) two advantages and two disadvantages of business  regulations.

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