Instruction design

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Assignment

1.  Examine and Explain how the four learning principles of contiguity; repetition; reinforcement; and social-cultural outlined in the text affect designer’s decisions about how to teach different types of content.  To start, give a brief description of each one, followed by an example of its use in a learning situation. For instance, contiguity, followed by an instructional instance in which a designer might decide to use it, and why. You may demonstrate by including text from an actual piece of instruction, if you like.

2. Create an example of each of the five learned capabilities (intellectual skills, cognitive skills, verbal information, attitudes, motor skills) as an instructional designer might apply them to a learning situation at a school or educational workplace. An example might be: Motor skills are used in developing early writing skills. Then offer further explanation of how this works and why, describing an activity that an instructional designer might use to teach this concept.

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