Legalizing marijuana in the USA

Write 6 pages with APA style on Legalizing Marijuana in the USA. Congress has been empowered by the US Constitution to supersede the laws enacted by the states. Several principles have been gradually developed by the courts for ascertaining when federal law forestalls state law. In some instances, Congress incorporates explicit provisions in the text of the legislation, wherein it declares whether the legislation is to preempt state laws. At the same time, there are other instances, wherein no such explicit provision is discernible (Dresser 7). However, the courts take into consideration factors, such as the imposing of some impediment to the attainment of the goals of Congress by the state law under scrutiny.All the same, 20 States of the Union have permitted marijuana use for medical reasons. Moreover, two states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. This has happened, even though states do not have the constitutional authority to make laws that conflict with Federal law. This has proved to be a major issue, as Federal officials do not have the resources to deal with the effect of such State law. The CSA was enacted by the US Congress as Tide II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970. Its aim is to supervise and facilitate the manufacture, distribution, and use of controlled substances for lawful purposes. (United States Department of Justice 2). Some of these are. medical and scientific use, and research and industrial use.As such, there is a lot of opportunities for States to misuse their monopoly, with respect to marijuana. Such abuse has already been seen with respect to state lotteries. These lotteries were placed under the control of the revenue department of the state. As such, these departments were chiefly concerned with maximizing the income of the state. To avoid this mistake, marijuana control should be brought under the control of the health department of the state. Supervision should be conducted by substance-abuse and healthcare professionals.

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