Letter on a problem

Create a request letter addressed to the competent authority for working on a problem/issue. We will complete this in two steps. Step 1. Identify a problem pertaining to your office, community, township or humanity at large. Create a worksheet to prepare your proposed research. The worksheet will help you brainstorm the following questions:

1. The topic/problem/issue you wish to research and report.

2. What is the importance of the topic/problem?

3. Who is the competent authority to whom the report will be submitted? It could be your boss, Director/Manager of an organization or Mayor of your town. This is the person/authority to whom, you will submit your feasibility report to.

4. What according to you may be a possible solution/strategy to solve the problem?

5. What methodology would you adopt to conduct your research and analyze the data obtained?

6. What permissions you will require to conduct your study? (use part of your time/equipment, permission to access data etc.)

7. What resources you will require (could be small funding, time off, technical help etc.)

8. Finally, what impact your study and the resulting solution are likely to have.

Step 2 – Write a letter to the concerned competent authority asking for permission to conduct a feasibility research on the identified problem. The letter will include your detailed proposal for researching the topic (which you have carefully brainstormed using the worksheet). End the letter by mentioning what kind of help/resources you need from the authority to complete the report. You ensure the authority that you will submit a completed report on the subject by April 15, 2016.

Please submit i) completed worksheet, and ii) your proposal letter

The proposal letter will be evaluated for :i) The lay out and the format of the letter

ii) Composition of the Title

iii) The content – Clarity with which the following are Described: – problem/issue to be researched – proposed plan of action, and – help/resources required

iv) Quality of composition (word-choice, sentence structure and grammar) APPENDICES Appendix iLetter of transmittal

Dear respondent,RE: A questionnaire on effects of credit policy on performance of commercial banks

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