Letter to editor

Write a 1 page essay on Letter to editor.I had talked with fellow students who graduated months ago but still jobless as of now as there are no decent job offers. I am afraid the same situation will prevail in Denver by the time I will also graduate.I am sure many natives of Denver will agree with my assessment that our economy is not doing as well as it should.Statistics from May 2009 showed 225,000 people in Denver (Harden 1) who were out of a job and slim prospects of ever finding one. The number of jobless people had gone down a little bit to 195,700 this month and the man’s face sitting in the chair at an employment office exemplified feelings of hopelessness and disbelief felt by people who are in despair at not finding any decent jobs. The man in the suit from the Bureau of Economic Statistics standing nearby is also grossly out of touch with the reality on the ground. Employment numbers and economic data showing a modest recovery are useless and meaningless to a lot of people who are still looking for work until now.My intended audience is the people of Denver who are unemployed and probably desperately looking for a job. The target readership could include people who still have jobs today but are worried about how the economy will turn out as the recovery seems very weak and in danger of falling back into a recession (a double-dip recession feared by economists). Readers from surrounding areas of Denver and perhaps the entire state of Colorado also comprise the corollary readership audience.The Denver Post is one of the leading regional papers and will be read by people from many neighboring states like Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming or even as far away as Idaho and Texas. People in these states know the real economic situation in terms of employment rates and will certainly agree with my sentiments about how our leaders are managing our nation’s finances. My response to the cartoon will resonate with this audience and they will

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