Using your reference list and project template from week 2’s assignment, complete the project by adding a 250-word summary of each article under its reference. You need to summarize each article factually, using your own words, and refrain from using quotes and opinion. In addition, please make sure your sources do not include encyclopedias, book reviews or article citations.

Have another person proof your project. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font.
If you need help with references, I highly recommend using Select “APA” from the menu on the left, and then your type of source. Plug in the information and it will create the references for you.

Please run your paper through before submitting it, as you will be graded on grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. If you struggle with writing, I recommend working with the Online Writing Lab at Keiser University as they have dedicated writing specialists who will work with you to become a better writer. Take advantage of this resource!

Do NOT plagiarize. It’s not worth the zero. We run all papers through SafeAssign whether you submit it via Word, PDF, or any other format. Please do your own work.

Sources can’t be over 5 years old.

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