Limited Brands LLC Company

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Rough draft of chapters 1,2 and 3 as it pertains to the template provided. The problem concerning Limited Brands LLC Company is that the part-time employees are not satisfied with the number of working hours they are being offered, and they tend to leave the company voluntarily. Employees are a key aspect of making sure a company meets its objectives.I will attempt to solve the problem of employee retention within my place of work through the use of questionnaires and surveys which will determine that the employees need and want more hours per week.The problem is in Limited Brands LLC Company, which is the umbrella company for Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and White Candle Barn. The organization has eight stores within each district for the company of Bath and Body Works. Each store is rated by the amount of volume they do each year. The Stores that perform at the highest sales rates are the A volume stores. The stores that are between high and low volume, are the B volume stores and the stores that have the lowest amount of sales are the C volume stores. In my South TN district, there are 8 stores. These stores are A volume and C volume only. By standard practice, A volume stores are allowed to employ a full time store manager and a full time Co-manager along with 3 customer sales leads that are each to receive no more than 39 hours per week. Each A volume store is allowed to employ up to 50 part time employees all year round. The amount of hours that the A volume stores are allotted each week for part time employees, depends on the sales forecast for that week, which is determined by the same week of the year as the previous year’s sales. In the A volume stores, workers are seen to be given 20-30 hours a week compared to the other volumes which are given less than six hours a week. The problem arises when the part-time employees are complaining about the minimal hours they are receiving from the……

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