Linear equation

For the linear equation~ } * + 34 = 63 . a. Referring the slope Enter as a Fraction with no spaces between signs and digits , or as a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth ( 2 places after decimal). Examples of correctly-entered responses .”- 4 /1 17/152217 . 3 4- 0.98 b. Determine the V – intercept, if it exists Enter answer as an integer, a Fraction, or a decimal rounded to nearest hundredth ( 2 places after decimal ) with no spaces between sign and digits. Examples of correctly- entered responses. ;- 2139 +- 0 . 72+ 13 . 25C.`Express equation in slope – intercept form. Enter equation with no spaces between letters, digits, and signs. If using decimals, round to nearest hundredth 1 2 places after decimal). Examples of correctly- entered responses .”V = – 3 x + 5 1 = 213 x – 11 1= 0. 71 x + 0. 3 4 1- 3 ( example where slope= 0 )

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