Linear equation

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Assignment, Economics

if a rocket is propelled upward from ground level, it’s height in meters after t seconds is given by h= -9.8t^2 + 88.2tA) what is the height of the rocket after 5 seconds? b) what is the maximum height of the rocket ?c) when does the maximum height occur ?d) how long does it take for the rocket to hit the ground ?

2) a grocery store sells 4820 gallons of milk in a week when they charge $1.35 per gallon, and they sell 3937 gallons in a week when they charge $1.40 per gallon. A ) find a linear equation in the form y=mx+b that expresses gallons sold when the price is x dollars per gallon. B) if 7998.80 gallons were sold in a week, what was the price?

3) state the degree and leading coefficient of the polynomial function. F(x) = -17 – 18x + 16x^2 -9x^3 – 8x^4 4) the monthly sales of a product can be given by the function s(x) = 400x / x + 10 , where s(x) is the sales in thousands of dollars, and x is amount spent on advertising in thousands of dollars. A) what will the monthly sales reach if 5000 is spent on advertising? Round two decimal places B) if the company wishes for sales to reach 200,000 units , how much should be spent on advertising ?

5) suppose that the population of country A is given by y=-7.36x + 917.41 million, and the population of country B is given by y=2.04x + 804.61 million, where x is the number of years since 1960. Find the year in which the populations of the two countries are equal?

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