Linux Implementation Proposal

Linux Implementation ProposalSphynx, LLC. has a new research group that will be developing new methods of electronic parts fabrication. All systems in this new research group will have to run a linux operating system. Additionally, there are many employees that will work in the new group and will continue to also be part of other groups in the company. The employees in the new group will have to share data and files with one another as well as with some employees outside the division. Sphynx LLC already has a Microsoft Active Directory domain and the new group will need to utilize it as much as possible. The AD domain consists of several Windows Server 2016 servers running various services (Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, printing, web and file services). All the employees that will be working in the new group are already employed by Sphynx LLC and those moving to the new group are technical enough to know how to use the linux operating system with little to no training required.Sphynx, LLC. also has around 700 client operating system desktops/laptops that run Windows 7/10 and Windows XP. There is a mix of desktop and laptop systems.Current Desktop/Laptop Configuration for Windows 10/7 (225):Processor: Intel Core i7 Fourth GenerationMemory: 6GB RAMHard Drive: 1TBNetwork Card: 10/100/1000 MbpsUSB Ports: 4 USB 3.0Monitor: 22inch LCDCurrent Desktop/Laptop Configuration for Windows XP (475):Processor: Intel Core 2Memory: 4GB RAMHard Drive: 120GBNetwork Card: 10/100 MbpsUSB Ports: 4 USB 2.0Monitor: 15inch LCDYour boss wants you to come up with a proposal to replace all Windows XP systems with linux. After reading a few research articles, and on the advice of some of the scientists joining the new group, he has told you to do some research and pick between the Slackware and Arch linux distributions, and determine which one would be more suitable.

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