Write a 5 page essay on The literary analysis of two works by George Saunders.The characters of the author do not go by the occupants of the dystopias this is evidenced by various buzzing drones and majority of the enlightened struggling compared to the status quo. The author tends to offer characters who are just like us.

For instance, in the story of pastoralia, there is a guy who has a mind numbing job of a fake caveman. The man is faced with problems of money, sick kids, coworkers who are malicious and annoying and a firm in the company of the employee remixing. When compared to the present generation he is compared to a person who spends majority of his time stocking the shelves of Wal-Mart. This is something that is subversive about Saunders. The author is essentially telling the readers that we live in a society filled with worst case scenario. This has enabled people to believe that dystopia has to be taught to fear and fight.

The author does so with humour and details that are well crafted that there is no didacticism that an individual might expect from such opinion. Saunders is not a raving Luddite, instead, he has the ability flag out the absurd minutia of the present life that people take or ignore for granted. Therefore if people’s dystopia is yet to arrive, then people are perilously closer. And whether a person chooses to go for the parallels, consumed without the prejudice, the stories of Saunders are well crafted and readable (Ortwig, Erasmus and O’Malley, 623). The story made me careen through, hungry for the subsequent kilter detail and scene.

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