Literary forms

Write an article on comparing and contrasting literary forms Paper must be at least 250 words. Similarities and differences of Drama, Poems, and Short Stories Affiliation Similarities and differences of Drama, Poems, and Short StoriesDifferencesThe major difference is drama exhibits extensive dialogue and can be non-fiction or fiction. It is scripted for a stage, and it highly depends on the actor’s expertise to deliver the story across and the scenery stage props available for the scenes (Meyer, 2004). It is limited in many ways and heavily relies on dialogue strength for an effective show.The author of a short story tells the tale, making it possible to include his interpretation in the dialogue. The writer is also able to relate to the audience the effects an event or comment has on characters, which ensures that the audience explicitly knows what s/he intends to communicate (Meyer, 2004). Such an effect is achieved by play inference. The writer can adequately describe the scene and deftly introduce a mood.Poetry is an artful arrangement of language that uses rhythm, sound tools, image, metaphor and line shapes to evoke an emotional reader’s response.Poetry, drama, and short story are literature constituents, but they bear some identical differences. Dialogue accommodates extensive dialogue, which can be either non-fiction or fiction, a short story narrates brief experiences that are non-fiction while poetry can be either nonfiction or fiction and may rhyme (Cuddon & Habib, 2013).SimilaritiesPoetry, drama, and short stories have a setting. The setting is a fictional work of establishing a geographic, physical, and historical context (Cuddon & Habib, 2013). Setting adds attitude to poetry, drama, or short story, and a good example of attitude is the change attitudes towards women.Myth, symbol, and allegory are other features shared by drama, short stories, and poetry. Allegory is use of two meanings that are parallel in the story where one is literal while the other one is figurative (Meyer, 2004). Allegory serves the purpose of deepening the meaning in writing and to teach a lesson. A myth reflects social or religious values often involving heroes or a god. A symbol acts as a representative of an association or a relationship.The tool of foreshadow is used in poetry, short stories and drama. Foreshadow gives the audience a hint of future happenings. In poetry, foreshadow can be captured as early as the poem title to shed some light to the reader of what the poem entails. Mood is also extensively utilized in all these three literature works to aid in conveying the theme (Meyer, 2004).Conflict is also common in short stories, drama, and poems. It denotes a struggle between forces that oppose each other. A conflict can be expressed as an internal conflict within an individual or between characters (Cuddon & Habib, 2013). It helps build the element of suspense as scenes unfurl in the writing.ReferencesCuddon, J. A., & Habib, M. A. R. (2013). Dictionary of literary terms and literary theory. Wiley. Retrieved from,+drama+and+poems&ots=unSP6t4XfI&sig=-trcsrjEHZeQ-xccXyk6ibzcv34Meyer, M. (2004). The Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, T. Retrieved from

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