Literary vs. Research Theory

Write an essay on Literary vs. Research Theory. Paper must be at least 250 words. The final example is the New Criticism based on moral and religious structures (Klarer, 2004).

Research theory, on the other hand, is a systematic method, mostly used in social sciences, to generate new theories or test existing ones on the basis of data analysis. In the case of creation of a new theory,an existing theory is used as a basis for suggestions as to what kind of research should be carried out. Challenging an existing theory consists of using data as dictated by the null hypothesis based on the existing theory. Examples of research theories include descriptive theories, co relational theories and experimental theories (Klarer, 2004).

Both literary and research theories have methods or schools of thought that cannot be clearly cut from one another. They both provide a general sense of a basis in which we can base our arguments as we try to explain the complexities of various aspects in life. Both theories are important in attempting to rationalize different phenomena, and in trying the core cause-effect relationship (Klarer………..

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