Locations of crime scenes

As a crime scene investigator, it is important to be able to conceptualize how a crime might have been committed to determine the locations of crime scenes and the types of evidence that might have been left at or taken from the scenes. As crime scene investigators conceptualize events, they scrutinize every piece of evidence, reconstruct multiple case scenarios, weigh all assumptions for accuracy, and do not assert their own morals or motives onto the actions of potential suspects. There can be multiple crime scenes for the same crime. a homicide may occur on a city dock, the primary scene. When the body is moved and transported to the middle of the river, that boat becomes a secondary scene. Later, when the body is cast overboard and drifts to the riverbed or ashore, those become secondary scenes. consider the appropriate types of processing involved.Criminal Investigation.in chap. 3 the types of crime scenes presented, as well as strategies for conceptualizing crime-related events.Chap.r 4 in your course text. Look at the multiple forms of evidence that a criminal investigator may examine as works on a case.Chap.s 9, 10, 13 Focus on the different types of crimes and crime scenesUse two pieces of evidence that you think have value to the investigationresponses with specific references

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