Log of time stamped entries

Part One: You’ll need a timer (feature on most smarphones or online), pencil, and paper. Choose a location where you can sit for 90 seconds, without being disturbed. Make a log of time stamped entries. Jot down everything you hear in your atmosphere (dog barking, someone talking in the other room, toilet flushing, snow plow going by, bird chirping, neighbor vacuuming, someone coughs, etc.). Make sure to follow the example format in the module.50-100 word paragraph describing experience and resultant awareness of atmospheric sounds.Part Two: Pick any piece of music 3:00-6:00 in length. Be sure to provide a Spotify or YouTube link to your chosen piece of music. Listen through twice. Watch the time and mark moments with a time stamp, trying to notice as many details about the musical performance as possible. Make a log of time stamped entries.Needs this done today !!! ASAP

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