Logic of statistical significance

Essay on Question 30 of 30 Explain in your own words the logic of statistical significance. Paper must be at least 250 words. This means that even if it does, it happens very infrequently, thus leading the teacher to the conclusion that since the event occurs so infrequently, the child is probably lying and the most probable thing that must have happened is that the child never did the homework. The child’s explanation is statistically insignificant since the probability of occurrence of such incidents is very less, if any. “Although tests of statistical significance are widely reported in criminal justice literature, the logic underlying them is subtle and often misunderstood” (2011, p. 292). The logic here is that very unlikely events like a cat eating a child’s homework surprise teachers greatly and so the teachers tend to think of a better explanation. It is hard to depict which level of significance is significant. There has to be a sufficiently large coincidence to assume that the matter under consideration is not simply a mere

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