Long-range forecasting

What do you think about long-range forecasting. Support your responses with information from independent research and/or a real-world example.1. Do you think it is realistic?2. Do you view this as useful for a business?3. If you were boss of the day or head Operations Manager–Would the current economic situation impact your ability to complete long-range forecasting?Note: Please if you do any research please provide the Url or link at the bottom of the answer.Second question:According to our text, service design is when a company designs the way they will serve the customer. Service design is more difficult than product design because it is intangible.There are other concepts that are key to service design. What are these? Please apply one to your personal or professional life. Note: Please if you do any research please provide the Url or link at the bottom of the answer.1. Do you think it is realistic?Ans.There are different kinds of long range forecasting. Long range forecasting of more than 5years is what I don’t think is suitable in the current times….

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