Lost colony of Roanoke

Why did the famous Lost Colony of Roanoke fail?  Read about Roanoke in the text and research the theories about its demise then explain which theory you consider most plausible.

The most common theories for the demise of the Roanoke Colony are:

1. The colonists went to live with local natives.

2. The colonists were killed by local natives.

3. The colonists died from starvation or disease. Which is most plausible? Do you consider Columbus a good guy or bad guy in history? There is a lot of controversy surrounding Christopher Columbus and the impact he, and those who followed, had upon the New World. Read the textbook and search the Internet for information on Columbus, and then decide for yourself whether he should go down in history as a good guy or a bad guy

After reading the chapter, do some additional reading about a specific person, place or event related to the chapter. Tell us about the topic you chose to research for this chapter: why you chose it, what you learned, and why it is important.  You can post this as text, a PowerPoint, or other format.  You can link to a short YouTube video clip then explain why you chose your topic and what you learned.  This is your opportunity to go beyond the text and teach the class.

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