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by | Mar 1, 2022 | Assignment

Explain the origins and development of community-based LTC services, specific to the various needs (service delivery models) that have been successfully addressed via the community-based platform. Then, address what the positive health, well-being, and health-outcome implications of providing LTC services in a noninstitutional setting have been. 

Two. What are the distinguishing factors in the philosophy of care for home health, physician-ordered care, hospice, adult day care, and intermittent care models under the community-based services LTC umbrella? Explain the differences between the social and healthcare models within the Adult Day Care framework. Today, what type of healthcare services are typically standard in adult day treatment settings? Some adult day LTC centers specialize in additional diagnoses under the medical model. What are they, and what type of additional care/supports are offered as a result?

Three. Community-based LTC services rely heavily upon the contributions of informal caregivers. Who makes up this ‘workforce’ population? As of 2014, how many people (and as a result how much money) are represented within this shadow caregiver group? What are the non-monetary costs associated with informal caregiving? And, what are the intra- and interpersonal driving forces that led to one becoming an informal caregiver within the community-based service model?

Four. Summarize the basic funding streams for community-based LTC services. Finally, one of the major ethical issues within community-based LTC is patient (non)compliance and deciding to accept care-settings such as hospice. Speculate on how the trend of consumer choice and maximizing quality of life may serve to further complicate this issue for the LTC health services administrator in the future.

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