How to make your essay sound more professional

Do you feel nervous when you write essays? Are you wondering how to make your essay sound more professional? You are not alone. Essay writing is a challenge for most students. However, you can learn how to write excellent papers by reading this article.

How to make your essay sound more professional

How to make your essay sound more professional

  • Don’t use the word ‘I’ too often
  • Spell check and edit, edit, edit
  • Limit the length of your sentences
  • Use punctuation
  • Ensure your ideas are connected
  • Adhere to formal order and structure

Don’t use the word ‘I’ too often

When you write an essay, do not use the personal pronoun ‘I’ too much. We know it is hard to avoid using this pronoun. However, make sure that this pronoun does not appear in every 2nd sentence of the text. This will make your writing sound like a monologue and present your thoughts as self-centered.

Spell check and edit, edit, edit

The first thing you have to learn before you start writing an academic essay is to have the right tools for the job. When you are writing an academic essay, one of those tools is a good spell checker. In other words, if you don’t use a spell checker, then remember that you risk making a fool out of yourself – even if you are a competent writer – and this is something many people would like to avoid at all cost.

Limit the length of your sentences

It’s a common mistake to express your ideas in long sentences. A sentence should be short and concise. Sentences that aren’t concise often read as though they’re rambling.

Use short sentences. Many sentences in academic writing are too long. Just using short sentences can make your writing clear, concise and easier to read.

Use punctuation

You’re probably wondering, “Do I need to use punctuation?” It can look like an unnecessary add-on at first glance. However, without it, your writing will fall on deaf ears. You could start off on the wrong picture or get lost in your own rhetoric.

Punctuation takes the form of commas, full stops (periods), semicolons, colons and dashes.

Ensure your ideas are connected

The first paragraph (the introduction) of the essay should introduce the topic briefly. The topic should be introduced in such a way that the reader is interested to read the rest of the essay. The introduction should pose a question or a statement that can be supported with research.

In the main body, the main idea should clearly be expressed. The essay should be written in a logical manner. In order to make sure that the essay is logical and coherent, it is essential to present the topic in a systematic manner. There should be an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The body paragraphs contain the body of the essay. Each body paragraph should consist of a topic sentence and a supporting sentence. The body paragraphs should be written in a way that the audience can easily digest the information.

The conclusion of the essay should contain a summary of the essay. The conclusion should not contain any new information. 

Order and structure

Making an essay sound more professional can be achieved by introducing order and structure to it. The entire essay is likely structured as a series of paragraphs. Larger essays may also be divided into several different sections based on the subject matter they cover. However, certain essay types, such as expository essays, don’t necessarily adhere to any particular organizational patterns. Regardless of the type of essay, ordering and structuring can improve its form and flow and make it easier for the reader to follow along and make sense of the content presented.

 Wrapping up

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