Management by walking around

Need an argumentative essay on Management by walking around. Needs to be 1 pages. However, managers involve in this exercise to further keep a finger on the operation of the organization. To enhance proper connection and communication purposes within an organization, the manager has to walk around and talk to the team, ask them several questions, work alongside them and be available to help in case need arises. Therefore, this paper elaborately brings out the discussions based on management by walking around.Practicing management by walking around can lead to the achievement of the following. Approachability. when the staff members see the manager just as an individual and not as a boss, the rate of transparency increases. The staff members become more open to explain the problems within the organization (Frase and Hertzel 11). The manager gets to know the issues before they build up to be problems. Accountability. the completion of the agreement is very easy as a result of interaction between manager and the staff team. Motivation among every member builds up since there is daily interaction (Frase and Hertzel 29). T. Productivity. creativity develops due to interaction and casual exchanges. Management by walking around facilitates informal discussions, and this compels people to come up with the new innovative ideas. As a result of interaction, people become excited when they can be heard. this leads to increase in their morale. More trust develops and buildup of business knowledge (Frase and Hertzel 49)Implementation of management by walking around involves relaxation, listening and making good observation more than the rate of talking. The manager ought to make active listening with the staff at large. Asking for feedback and ideas is the best policy (Frase and Hertzel 101). T. The implementation of this is completed by installing the ideas into everyone. Wandering around should be done proportionally by the manager regardless of job title of the staff. Moreover, questions have to be answered openly and with honesty and maintaining

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