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by | Jan 8, 2022 | Assignment

For businesses to succeed they must maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The key to doing this has changed over the last century as illustrated in our discussion in week one about the 21st century business environment and its challenges. In theme one, we take a closer look at the way managers create competitive edge in the 21st century organization. You have been hired by Baltimore Spring Waters, Inc. (BSW) as a management consultant. The growing demand for bottled water in the face of worldwide supply shortages has management at BSW concerned about the future of the business. The company wants to remain competitive in price knowing that sourcing difficulties will make it harder to do. The question posed to you is how can BSW’s managers help the company maintain their competitive edge?

Using this week’s course material and the articles from last week on 21stcentury organizations, answer this question for BSW.

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