Management dissertation

Management dissertation 1. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The policies and the practices within the organizational framework depend highly on its ability to adapt itself within an intensified competitive environment. (Dragun, n.d) In this research, a definite identical step has been taken forward in order to establish Sainsbury’s customer service taking in view both theoretical and its practical implications. Literally speaking on the prompt customer services (Heller, 2005) provided by different organizations largely depends on the motivation of the entities within the organization. (Xu, 2007) (Thomas, 2004) Management at Sainsbury has been on a constant lookout for maintaining quality and price in the various food products. (Analysis on the key factors affecting motivation of the staff at Sainsbury’s and the effect it has upon customer service, n.d) (Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign on behalf of Sainsbury’s, 2010) Both go hand-in-hand for better customer satisfaction. Customer needs (Heller, 2005) and specifications are taken into consideration in formulating quality and price. This has invariably shown in their consistent sales performance with total sales reaching higher than 20K mark in the 2009 fiscal. (Annual Report and Financial Statements, 2009)Before carrying out a steady study on the stated issue it becomes important to have a review of the literature on such topic for consideration. (Corporate Objectives, 2009) Therefore, the following paper would lead to a sincere effort of understanding and verifying in fulfilling the objectives the paper is up to. The literature review discussion is followed by methodology, findings and analysis. Finally a summary of the whole study with a conclusion is stated.The main aim is to identify the managerial implementation in terms of marketing, selling, advertising and service standards communicated to potential customers at Sainsbury. In short, Service Quality (SERVQUAL) is………

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