Management functions

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

1.) Denzel has inherited his family’s factory, which designs and manufactures women’s shoes. Give an example of how he as CEO might engage in each of the 4 management functions.

2.) Identify Porter’s 5 forces and briefly explain how TWO of them might be applied within the business of fashion.

4.) Natalie owns a small store in Brooklyn called ‘JUST SOCKS,’ selling women’s socks and tights. After several fairly successful years she would like to double her company’s business. Create a SMART goal for Natalie’s business. Your answer should explain the goal, name and define each component and explain how the goal meets each of the SMART criteria.

6.) Define what is meant by the term bureaucracy and provide two instances or types of organizations for which it would be suited and two for which is would not be suited.

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