Management in the Hospitality Industry

Write an article on Management in the Hospitality Industry, Ethics in Decision Making. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In the international industry including that of hospitality, there is increasing complexity of decisions being made by management. Hence there is greater need for managers to consider the ethical implications of their decisions, and the associated impact on the various stakeholders. The purpose of this paper is to examine how ethical decision making and the importance of good corporate citizenship has impacted on the management practices within the hospitality industry.

In all the critical issues related to the contemporary hospitality industry, the core element is ethics or judgments regarding right or wrong behavior. However, the reality of hospitality operations makes the application of ethical principles difficult. Hence, it is essential to develop ethical orientation in all dimensions of hospitality management to ensure ethical decision making. For improving the quality of the ethical decision-making process, the management of the hospitality organization should answer, particular questions related to the decision. The questions to be answered would be whether the decision to be taken would violate the rules and regulations, whether anyone would get hurt because of the decision, how the management would feel if the particular decision were to be made public through the media, how the decision-makers would feel to be at the receiving end of the implications of the decision, and their own gut feeling regarding the correct decision that needed to be taken. The above questions if posed by the decision-makers themselves can help to evaluate the extent to which the decision would prove to be an ethical one. Kusluvan (2003: 641) confirms the importance of self-questioning. He adds that during all the stages of the decision-making process, open and fair dialogue with all the stakeholders would increase ethical decision-making.

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