Managerial Finance

Managerial Finance. The question is; PV0 = 13000/(1+i)15 +14000/(1+i)16+15000/(1+i)17+15100/(1+i)18 x  = Vo/PVIFA(100,0.07)/(1+i)Now I am trying to create the schedule of inflows and outflows and it doesn’t end closing balance at zero…. I have double checked the first step and I think this is correct but I can’t work out where I am going wrong with the schedule.Schedule of Cash inflows and outflows Birthday Opening Bal Deposit Interest Withdrawal Closing BalO028440.00284428442844 199.10588858882844 412.14914491442844 640.0912629126292844 884.0016357163572844 1144.98203460 00 NO) 01 AWN10203462844 1424.2324615246152844 1723.022918212291822844 2042.743406913340692844 2384.833929810It !392982750.874204911420490 2943.43449921216449920 3149.474814217481420 3369.93515121418515120 3605.835511815551180 3858.2313000459761620459760 3218.31140003519421351940 2463.5915000226581822226580 1586.04151009144

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