Manufacturing Corporation

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Assignment

The Corata Appliance Manufacturing Corporation manufactures two vacuum cleaners, the Standard and the Super. The following information was gathered about the two products:                                                                                           Standard               Super   Budgeted sales in units                                                 2700                       600   Budgeted selling price                                                   $600                  $1,700   Budgeted contribution margin per unit                   $600                   $1080   Actual sales in units                                                      3000                     1400   Actual selling price                                                        $650                  $1,680What is the total sales-mix variance in terms of the contribution margin? (Round intermediary calculations to two decimal places.)A. $665,280 favorableB. $369,600 favorableC. $295,680 favorableD. $1,034,880 favorable

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