Marketing Communications

Submit a term paper on Marketing Communications Planning for the New Projector Laptop. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. With the world of technology becoming smaller and smaller and with the increasing demand for new technologies for companies, the projector laptop will definitely serve a purpose for all companies in holding small and medium presentations and meetings. Even though the U.S welcomes every new technology, but the markets in Asian countries like India and China post new opportunities for the company as the brand name also exists in these companies. The company needs to tap these new markets after tapping its home market for gaining more market share. Apple will create many new opportunities to create business contacts with the projector laptop. With the ease and precision of the new projector, laptop companies will want to purchase more than one to accommodate the size of their company. Creating a contract with large corporations will ensure profits for the life of the contract and beyond. As the context of this is to prepare the marketing communication plan, Advertising and Sales promotions will be the two key communication ingredients that are likely to affect the industry in which the project will be launched. The laptop projector will be useful in any company regardless of its size. If a meeting needs to take place the projector laptop will be useful to coordinate a well-researched media show on a wall or screen. The projector laptop will offer easy access to giving presentations on the go to groups of 50 or more. So the customers of the projector laptop will be big and small companies and management colleges. It is more likely a commercial product rather than a home-use product. The technological advances of the company intrigue potential consumers and their marketing team have developed a strong strategy to determine the desired features of the target market and make product information readily available. So after identifying its potential customers, the company needs to identify its Competitors for the successful implementation of the communication plan.

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