Marketing Plan Report

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Marketing Plan Report Outline

A good marketing plan consists of a good introduction to the company, insightful analysis, and an excellent marketing action plan. It is important to note that no two marketing plan reports will be similar. The below outline provides the list of topics that need to be covered in your report.You may feel free to customize your report as long as you cover the elements mentioned in this outline. Please note that I require you to follow APA style formatting, especially, the use of headers and subheaders. Please visit further details. For the details about the content within each subsection, please review the rubric.

I. Executive Summary

(1 page summary of the market, opportunity, marketing objectives, product, pricing, distribution, and promotional programs).

II. Company Description and Business Mission

III.Marketing Objectives

IV.Situation Analysis.

a. Industry Analysis

Comprises of trends, technology, and customer profiles.

b. Analysis of Current and Potential Competitors

Detailed analysis of competition, and identification of the focal company’s competitive advantage.

c. SWOT Analysis

Analysis of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats.

V. Marketing Plan.

a.Description of the market opportunity (based on section IV analysis).

  1. Description of need.
  2. Discussion of market potential.
  3. Description of product concept.

b. Product Strategy

  1. Description of product
  2. Objectives for product (should align with the business mission)
  3. Features and Benefits
  4. Product Quality Strategy
  5. Product Service Strategy
  6. Competitive positioning of product (based on section IV analysis)

c. Pricing Strategy

1.Basic Price Strategy • Skimming vs Penetration • Cost Plus • Others?

2.Competitor issues

d. Distribution Strategy

  1. Channels used to distribute the product.
  2. Dealers, etc.
  3. Channel co-marketing and relationships
  4. Costs
  5. Competitor issues

e. Marketing Communication and Promotional Strategy

  1. Overall promotional objectives
  2. Advertising
  3. Personal Selling • Sales programs • Incentives • Sales support
  4. Sales Promotions
  5. Competitor issues

VI. Financial Projections (Optional – for a bonus point)

a. Sales Volume Forecast

b.Marketing and Service Provision costs

c.Estimated Income

VII. References (Please note to cite references in the body of the report)

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