Marketing Strategies on Innocent Smoothies

Submit a term paper on Marketing Strategies on Innocent Smoothies. Your paper should be a minimum of 4000 words in length. The formula and process used in making the product made the company instantly gain its own identity from other similar products. As a result of the company’s unique marketing strategy, the London-based drinks company was able to double its profit annually. (BBC News, 2007)For the purpose of this study, the researcher will concentrate on examining the marketing techniques used by the company upon positioning its product line in the market. To enable the researcher to understand how the company was able to increase the expected company’s profit up to £100 million in 2007 (Innocent, 2008b), the researcher will analyze Innocent’s market segmentation strategy by analyzing the personal comments made by the key stakeholders, the customers, suppliers and investors in terms of being able to establish a strong brand name in the marketplace within a short span of nine (9) years.Innocent Drinks has been producing Innocent smoothies made from the fine recipe for all ages. Among the common smoothie flavours offered by Innocent Drinks include: the combination of: (1) cranberries & raspberries. (2) strawberries & bananas. (3) blackberries, raspberries & boysenberries. (4) oranges, bananas & pineapples. (5) mangoes & passion fruit. and (6) pineapples, bananas & coconuts. (Innocent, 2008c)In order to maintain the product-life-cycle of Innocent smoothies, the company continuously produce different new recipes to be sold to the public under ‘Our Smoothie of the Month’ or ‘Seasonal Smoothie’. (Innocent, 2008c, 2008 f) In line with this matter, Innocent Drinks started by selling only 3 different receivers in 1999 and ended up with 30 different recipes in 2007. (Innocent, 2008b) Basically, it is necessary for Innocent Drinks to introduce new flavors regularly in order to maintain and capture a bigger share in the local market even before the company reaches the maturity stage.

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