Marketing strategy assignment

Write a 5 page essay on Marketing strategy assignment.“Samsung has adopted an aggressive branding and advertising strategy to transform the company from the manufacturer of cheaper Japanese brands products to a global brand known for innovations, cutting edge technology and leading design” (Farhoomand, 2013, p.13). Consumer preferences and loyalty are essential for the development of a brand. As per the views of marketing experts, strong brands can capture consumer preferences and loyalty. Samsung is a stronger brand since it is able to offer different products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, washing machines, Fridge, air conditioners, semi-conductor devises etc. Moreover, Samsung has stronger presences in most of the continents. Even though American company, Apple Inc. is one of the strongest competitors of Samsung, the company is able to penetrate deep into American market also. In fact Samsung is using diversified products as a mean to establish its brand in different continents and markets.Creation of emotional attachment is an effective branding strategies used by many companies. Samsung is one among such companies. Globally, Samsung is a trusted brand and many people, especially the consumers in Asia, have some kind of emotional attachments to it. For example, many of Samsung smartphone users are eagerly waiting for the arrival of new smartphones from Samsung all the time. They know very well that the ability of Samsung in incorporating new features to its new products is outstanding. The recently introduced Galaxy S6 edge is an example of Samsung abilities to make use of cutting edge technologies such as curved display (Samsung, 2015). All new products from Samsung offer some kind of surprise elements for the consumers. As a result of that, the emotional attachment towards Samsung brand among the consumers is growing.In order to create emotional attachment, Samsung makes use of different

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