Maximum allowable deduction

Susan Netter purchased some undeveloped land several years ago at a cost of $84,000. She recently had this land appraised, and the appraiser reported a valuation of $90,000. Susan has now decided to donate this property to her friend’s employer, Children’s Hospital. Susan’s anticipated AGI this year will be $160,000. Which of the following statement(s) is (are) true?(I) If Susan elects to deduct the basis, the maximum amount deductible in the current year is $80,000.(II) If Susan maintains her AGI amount over the next five years; she will be able to deduct the total appraised value of $90,000 over the five-year time span.(III) If Susan uses the appraised value of $90,000 as the reported amount of the deduction, her maximum allowable deduction for this year will be $48,000…

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