Mean printing speed

Hi, please help me to figure out this question, thank you!An HP laser printer is advertised to print text documents at a speed of 18 ppm (pages per minute). The manufacturer tells you that the printing speed is actually a Normal randomvariable with a mean of 17.46 ppm and a standard deviation of 3.75 ppm. Suppose that you draw a random sample of 11 printers. Part i) Using the information about the distribution of the printing speeds given by the manufacturer, ?nd the probability that the mean printing speed of the sample is greater than18.46 ppm. (Please carry answers to at least six decimal places in intermediate steps. Give your final answer to the nearest three decimal places). Probability (as a proportion) D Part ii) Use normal approximation to ?nd the probability that more than 49.3% of the sampled printers operate at the advertised speed (i.e. the printing speed is equal to or greaterthan 18 ppm) A. A. 0.4879n. B. 0.5121A 0. 0.63089 D. 0.3692

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