Measures against tobacco use

Write an essay on The topic of the assignment will post later. It needs to be at least 1500 words.The article is of the opinion that of the 10 million people who will die as a result of tobacco use, 7 million will come from the developing world.The article denotes that despite stringent measures to protect the population against tobacco use, American companies continue to influence its spread amongst third world countries.However countries such as Uruguay managed to initiate stringent measures of preventing its use, therefore reducing the deaths and economic consequences that come along with the use of tobacco.The measures include excessive taxation on cigarette use, placing a ban on tobacco advertisements, graphic labeling that amounts to 80% of packaging. These changes have seen a decline in smoking, and a reduction by 22% of the heart ailments that came as a result of tobacco use in Uruguay.Tobacco smoking is one of the causes of cancer. According to a report by the Canadian Cancer Statistics, cancer is a leading cause of death in the Quebec region of Canada, and all over the country. The statistics estimate that a 31% of all deaths related to cancer, are as a result of tobacco smoking, leading to the rise of lung cancer, and it kills more men and women, than ovarian, prostrate and stomach cancer (Carpenter, 2007).The report denotes that smoking leads to other kinds of cancer such as, oral, pancreatic and kidney cancer. As of 2012, the report denotes that there was 1.5 million smokers, in the Quebec region of Canada, and amongst them, 28% are youths (Canadian Cancer Statistics, 2012).In 2010, tobacco use was 20%. The institution is skeptical of the changes, arguing that since 2006, the decline in tobacco use is minimal (Canadian Cancer Statistics, 2010). In relation to the deaths arising out of cancer, the institution advices the government to increase taxation measures on tobacco sales, to aggressively introduce measures that would fight against tobacco contrabands, to freeze tobacco products and

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