Media and Pop Culture Analysis

by | May 27, 2021 | Argumentative Essay

Essay 2: Media and Pop Culture Analysis

The finished essay should be 4-5 full pages, double space, in 12 point Times New Roman font with 1” margins. The essay should be in 3rd person only. Any essay that does not include proper formatting will be subject to a penalty.
Final Draft is due via Blackboard by midnight on October 4th

Your assignment is to choose an audio, visual, or textual item (a single commercial, a film, a political song, or a written work) and base an argument on that media. This could be an issue with the way a commercial is presented, the underlying (or obvious) theme of a book or movie, the meaning behind a song, or even an analysis of a painting. As long as the subject matter does not touch on any of the restricted topics, you are free to choose whatever argument you would like. Keep in mind, there may not be enough research on the subject matter. Take the time to do a little base research to make sure you will be able to make the requirements for this assignment. You may end up needing to choose a different topic.

You must demonstrate an authoritative understanding of the media, its approach to the topic, and the social issue(s) discussed. You must use at least four sources, not including the work itself (which must be cited in the essay). So, you will need a total of five citations on the works cited page. Also, do not spend too much time on unnecessary summary or sidebar arguments you will not be directly addressing. You are writing for an academic audience that is somewhat familiar with modern media and culture, and your focus should be a critical discussion of your specific work.

  • The Topic that was approved for me was the son “Fortunate Son” the argument that was approved was in the song he talks about how he was unfortunate, and not a senators son which is why he had to go to war and they didn’t.

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