Terminology Flashcards

Terminology Flashcards Instructions Medical terminology is a language you must study in order to fully learn. This course is just a brief introduction to this language used by healthcare professionals. You will create 2 PowerPoint presentations that will serve as flashcards for you to practice the terms to help you prepare for the Final Exam.

a) You must define at least 25 words for each assignment.

b)  Terminology Flashcards 1 will cover terms from the chapters covered in week/moduel 1-3.

c)  Terminology Flashcards 2 will cover terms from chapters covered in week/moduel 4-7

a.  Please see the example for formatting.

For each PowerPoint, you must include a title slide with your name and a reference slide, and you must cite at least 1 scholarly source published within the last 5 years. Your textbook can count for this reference.  Submit Terminology Flashcards 1 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 3

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