Medication error

Nursing 301

Assignment : Nursing practice paper (medication error)

Guidelines for nursing practice paper: Write a paper addressing a current, significant problem observed in your clinical nursing practice (or previous student clinical experiences) that interferes with the provision of competent nursing care. Read chapters 6, 7, 12, 14 in the Masters book as well as the ANA, NLN, NYSNA, Joint Commission, QSEN websites for assistance in completing this assignment.

Be sure to

· Clearly describe the issue topic – MEDICATION ERROR

· Connect the issue to the Joint Commission National quality/safety gaols

· Include specific clinical examples/ stories that illustrate the issue

· Review the literature and incorporate published positions/ viewpoints

· Include the viewpoints of the ANA, NLN. NYSNA, NCF, NCQA, Joint Commission, QSEN

· Include the position of your employer

· Develop a plan to manage this problem. Be specific- who needs to be involved (administration; government; nurses; patients).

· Describe how this will impact your nursing practice.

The paper should be 5-7 pages in APA format. and as those presented in Writing at York. Points will be deducted for incorrect format, incorrect documentation and grammatical/writing errors.

Assignment # 4 Grading Rubric for Nursing practice paper

Clearly identify the problem giving definition(s), a brief history/background or any information that is relevant to it. Identify if it is a National quality/ safety goal25%
Present nurses’ stories (examples) that illustrate how the selected problem affects the individual nurse(s) and nursing care. Present positions or viewpoints, on the problem, that are documented in the nursing literature. Include the positions of professional nursing organizations, if available, regarding this problem25%
Develop a plan to manage this problem. Be specific- who needs to be involved (administration; government; nurses; professional organizations).Describe how this will impact your nursing practice.50%

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