Medieval Literature

by | Jan 24, 2021 | College (3-4), Literature, Research Paper

Analyze and use secondary criticism to substantiate an argument.
1. Do not substitute summary for analysis.
2. Cite at least two outside sources published after 1990.
3. Compose an informed and compelling thesis paragraph.
Below is the topic for the paper.

The success of Sir Orfeo’s redemption depends upon him forgoing all material pleasures and interpersonal relationships. He embraces an ascetic life to such an extreme degree that his very survival is in constant jeopardy.
In somer he liveth bi wild frut,
And berien bot gode lite;
In winter may he nothing finde
Bot rote, grases, and the rinde (257-60).
Since there was no possible way for him to stop the Fairy King from taking away Heurodis, the decision to live off the land cannot be construed as being some bizarre form of punishment. Write a ten-page paper that explains why it is necessary for Sir Orfeo to lead such a Spartan existence. Analyze key passages from the text to support your position, citing key words, images or ideas.

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