Memorable Service Experiences

Creating Memorable Service ExperiencesYou will be working with the 3-Stage Model of Service Consumption in Chapter 2, Figure 2.3 on page 38 of the text (page 36 of 2nd edition). Also refer to the following supporting Figures:·      Figure 2.11, Factors influencing customer expectations from the service·      Figure 2.17, The servuction system·      Figure 2.22, The expectancy-disconfirmation model of satisfactionThink about a personal service experience that is meaningful or was memorable to you. Describe the service(s) that you purchase(d) from the company. Using the Model above, explore your relationship with that company: using key concepts and models from the text to support your arguments.Please ensure that your paper presents a coherent argument, linking issues, discussion and conclusions in a logical fashion.1.    Pre-purchase Stage (6 marks)a.    Awareness of Needb.    Evaluation of Alternativesc.     Make Decision2.    Service Encounter Stage (2.5 marks)a.    Request Serviceb.    Service Delivery3.    Post-Encounter Stage (1.5 marks)a.    Evaluation of service performanceb.    Future intentions and behavioursWritten ReportThe report can follow the structure above.

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