Men’s Health

Niche target magazines This is the class that purchases this magazine as they look for grooming tips. In Men’s Health issue dated the 8th of January 2010, the front page covers are partially devoted to advertising these designer jeans. Actually, it is 60% of the ads in the first 5 pages with trifold advertisements. The rest of the slots are for sports and health-related products.Among the Calvin Klein jeans adverts in this magazine, five of the eight advertisements have male models while the remaining three are standalone product illustrations with no models adorning them. Out of the twelve male models featured in these ads, 7 are white men while the rest are of African American descent.The male models in the advertisements are comparably young and with a smaller body compared to those on the cover page (Berry, P126). In the eight advertisements, masculinity is tied to fitness, running, and car racing. The last of the eight adverts is of a male model posing at a beautiful nature walk. this, on the other hand, ties masculinity to class and culture. The general trend in this magazine is that advertising for the masculine segment is generally directed to both the upper-middle and upper-class segment.Since it began its circulation in November 1995, Fast Company, founded by Alan Webber and Mortimer Zuckerman, has grown over the years to become a full-color business magazine. Their main focus market is those in the corporate sector, technology, and design. The magazine is also involved in the creation of business linkages and networks that help in empowering their market. A case in point is their 1997 development of an online social networking tool called “Company of Friends” that ensured members met in person to exchange ideas and businesses. Currently, the magazine owns franchises and online marketplaces like Co.Design and Co. Create. These websites build innovation and productivity in business among the members by encouraging the use of efficient management tools and practices. There is a Samsung Galaxy advert appearing on the 10th February edition. this is targeted to the smart, middle-class, technology-savvy consumer segment. This product falls within the technological products category and has a smartly dressed male model as the face of the product.

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