Methods of working with young people

Prepare and submit a paper on methods of working with young people. For democracy to be more effective, the process of education needs to be more interactive and for the nation to develop itself, constructive participation from the part of the young people is an essential prerequisite. This changing role of the youth also necessitates subsequent changes in the way various services are organized and offered to them. The educational system has resorted to a child-centered, activity-oriented learning process where the special emphasis falls rightly on student participation. Participation improves the confidence level of young people and it empowers them and makes them feel more connected, committed and one with the community and nation. Young people are usually vibrant with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and vitality, and their energy should be best utilized for the good of the whole community. Even from early childhood children should be trained to participate in household discussions, and encouraged to give their views and share responsibilities. Thus, there should be a culture that fosters youth participation: “participation is more than just a set of rules or guidelines or how to involve young people in participation. rather, it is about a culture in which young people are listened to and their opinions are respected, and in which they are actively involved in decision making.” (Chapter 3. Participation. P.94).This confidence-building and trust enable them to get rid of reluctance to open up their minds. In the same way, the youth and children should be encouraged to make decisions regarding&nbsp.things that affect their lives. This initiation into decision making will, in turn, help them to develop problem- solving skills and they would become ready to face challenges in life.&nbsp.

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