Mexican Americans role in the Civil War

Historians are very concerned with critical reasoning and clear written communication, posing answers to analytical questions in a clear and straightforward argument. With this in mind, take a position on the following issue and write a reasoned argument supporting your answer.

Mexican Americans played a significant role in the Civil War despite the fact that the key issues involved in that war were largely irrelevant to their personal economic and political interests. How can this be explained? What were the key motivators for their participation? Be sure to refer to the discussion in the “Deeper Understanding of History” feature in Chapter 14 in Making America and the book The Civil War Era and the Lower Rio Grande Valley: A Brief History,
Your essay response to this question should consist of at least five paragraphs (a one-paragraph “thesis statement”, three paragraphs of evidence and argument, and a one-paragraph conclusion–see the document “Writing an Argument-Based Essay” in the Hints & Guidelines folder) and be between 750 and 1,500 words. Note that all information that is not either common knowledge or completely the product of your own independent analysis must be cited using the CMS/Turabian style for footnotes. Write up your essay using your word processor (preferred formatting is double spaced with one inch margins and a 12-point font). Do not put your name or other identifying information anywhere in the file (not body, header, footer, or anywhere else.
To cite the textbooks, follow the example below:
Carol Berkin et al., Making America: A History of the United States Seventh Edition Volume I: to 1877 (Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning, 2015), 15.
Rolando Avila, The Civil War Era and the Lower Rio Grande Valley: A Brief History (Edinburg: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on Behalf of the Chaps Program, 2018), 25

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