Michael DeNottos Street Art and Graffiti

Compose a 500 words essay on Michael DeNottos Street Art and Graffiti. DeNotto then goes on to identify sources, where articles, essays, photos and interviews of artists can be found so that those interested can look into it for further study. He believes that the value of street art has become greater nowadays due to its emphasis on scholarship and vulnerability to eradication or vandalism, thereby erasing the potentially significant message it wants to impart. Hence, it is important to document it as they still exist. De Sotto provides a clear explanation of the evolution of graffiti and street art as part of popular culture. He has opened the minds of people to alternative perspectives, and explained that it is a viable outlet of self-expression and dissemination of a message intended for society. The initiative to provide additional sources of information is also commendable so people gain a broader understanding of graffiti and street art and why artists resort to creating it so that people get to understand their messages better. Graffiti used to be viewed as something unpleasant especially if the owners of the walls intended for it to remain spotless. Vandals have exploited such immaculate walls to maliciously destroy its façade as a canvas for their rebellious messages. Now, as prominent artists have recognized the power of graffiti to elicit such strong responses from the public, they have utilized this medium to spread more positive content and instead of destroying the urban environment with ugly public textual and graphic messages, they created street art.

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