You may select any two of the following five essay questions. Each question is worth up to 50 pts (total of 100 points)
You must respond using the lines essay paper provided with this exam. Write your name. student ID. and course name /number on each sheet of lined paper. You will be evaluated on both form and content of your answers. It is highly recommended you follow the ten recommendations for writing essay-type examinations located within your student handbook.

Midterm Examination Essay Questions (drawn from material presented in Scamelli textbook)

1. Identify and discuss how Califomia’s population changes are altering California’s politics.

2. Identify and discuss key aspects of California’s Elections.

3. Compare and contrast the executive branch of California with the executive branch of the Federal govemment.

4. Compare and contrast California’s State Legislature with the United States Congress.

5. Identify and discuss key aspects of how California’s budget process impacts local government.

the course book being used is: POLITICAL SCIENCE C180 – AMERICAN GOVERNMENT
ISBN 978-1-2593-5968-2